Nov 16, 2010

18 months

I can't believe my baby is 18 months old. Having a sweet little girl in our family has been such a pleasure! Lexi picked a funny spot along the living room wall to be photographed this morning. Since she rarely cooperates for pictures, I decided to go with it. So what if the green clashes with hot pink and brown?

Lexi is extremely verbal for her age. She says things like "happy birfday," "sipshis" (scriptures), "pikshuh" (picture), "puzzo" (puzzle), "dwink milk Mommy," "Daddy work," family names, body parts and clothing pieces, all kinds of food names, and lots more. I love her chatter and her ability to communicate with me. Being able to talk with a toddler is a new experience in this household!

Lexi might be a singer one of these days. She enjoys any rendition of "Old MacDonald" and chimes in for "e-i-e-i-o" and the occasional animal sound. She LOVES music and dancing. It is fun to watch her participate in the family portion of Tyler's music class. Too bad a music class of her own is too expensive! She would love it.

Lexi got a haircut last week (sorry, no pictures!). Since the time her bald spot started growing hair again, she has had two layers of hair in the back. The discrepancy has been bothering me for a long time, and I knew that eventually I'd have to even it out. Last week I took a deep breath and trimmed it up. I'm thrilled! Even though I miss the length, Lexi's hair is much fuller in back and even curls under naturally. Lexi tolerates pigtails of some sort on most days -- just not today.

Lexi cut her first eye tooth (on the top left) today and the other one on top should follow any day. The eye teeth brought with them two nasty ear infections last week (thankfully, her first since April), and I'm not sure that the antibiotics are working. I will be glad when Lexi's little body takes a break from teething so her happy personality can return.

Lexi loves to look at books, but doesn't enjoy when I read to her. She loves babies and cuddly things, especially her ragged stuffed doggie, Betsy. She likes to ride around in our Little Tikes car and a dump truck that is just her size. Although she asks to watch shows with her TV-obsessed brother, she won't sit for one. Her favorite place to play is the bathroom sink, with the faucets on full-blast. A runner-up is the pantry (pictured above). She can scale the shelves and open the plastic bins with her favorite snacks. As you can see, she isn't happy when I declare the pantry off-limits and lock it.

Lexi is enamored with least the idea of shoes. She takes them off anywhere and everywhere. We have lost a couple of her shoes in random places because I don't always notice when she removes them. She seems to enjoy the new boots I picked up for her last week. I like them because they can keep her feet warm without socks. I thought the high boot might be more difficult to remove...but I was sadly disappointed on that point. Oh, well!

Lexi and Gavin both have check-ups in two weeks. I will post their physical stats when I have them!
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