Nov 18, 2010


I was emailing a friend this morning when Gavin walked into our home office. In one hand he carried a carton of peppermint ice cream, in the other hand, a large spoon. I laughed. We convened to the kitchen, where we sat on the floor, shared the spoon, and finished off the ice cream. Yum!

A few minutes later I set about cleaning the hall bathroom, which is around the corner from the kitchen. I thought the Littles were downstairs watching TV. Not so. They were in the fridge. I found Gavin feeding Lexi some yogurt. I was impressed; Lexi didn't have a drop on her shirt and the floor below her was also yogurt-free. (Notice I didn't say "clean"....)

That's when I decided to make lunch. I warmed a slice of leftover pizza for Gavin. While I worked on Lexi's lunch, I didn't notice him taking a bag of shredded cheese from the fridge. He piled some on his pizza and then asked for a fork. It wasn't until I delivered the fork that I found his new lunch. He said, "I need a fork to cut the cheese!"

Silly boy. Life would be so very dull without you!
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