Nov 10, 2010

Photo op

This morning Lexi looked so adorable that I had to pull out the camera.
Her hand-me-down holiday outfit is a bit premature,
but I couldn't get enough of the red tights
or her pigtails.

I wish the photos were more professional,
but I still like 'em.

True to form, the first picture was the best one.

I hadn't planned on the sippy cup prop, but Lexi insisted.

Here's a side shot of her adorable 'do.

Looking at the camera?! What?!

"Look at my funny trick, mom."
Actually, she kept saying, "Drink. Drink. Drink."

"I'm SO funny! Good luck catching a cute pose!"

She may look dainty, but she's pretty rough-and-tumble.

White dog, white dog, what do you see?
I see a sweet girl looking at me!


After our little photo shoot, Lexi launched into an all-too-familiar rant.
She has been crying SO MUCH lately.
Between her terrible sleep habits, endless crying, and the time change,
I'm losing my mind.
Lexi is teething (getting her eye teeth),
but today I learned she also has bilateral ear infections.
The doctor called them "whoppers."
Poor baby!
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