Nov 21, 2009

Zach and Ty, Science Guys

Last Fall, when I had ambition and the energy to follow through, I concocted all sorts of ways to enrich the boys' education after school. We had reading incentive programs and math workbooks and bi-weekly library trips. And on Fridays, we did science experiments together.

For three or four glorious weeks, we explored the world of carbon dioxide, oxygen, and water. Some of the experiments were awesome and some flopped. The most memorable day included Mentos and Diet Coke (try keeping both in your mouth at the same time!).

Then I got pregnant and life screeched to a halt. We've been doggy-paddling with our chins just above water ever since. But that hasn't stopped Zach from rescuing our science book from the kitchen cabinet and imagining a day when we could resume our experiments.

Saturday was the day. Zach was set on making crystals. We had all the supplies, so the boys went to work. I cleared a space and loosely supervised and the boys did most of the work. They were so excited! Zach even donned his Mickey Mouse ears for the occasion.

We didn't grow crystals. I'm not sure what happened (or didn't). But my science guys were thrilled -- and they can't wait for next time.
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