Nov 14, 2009

Eternal family dynamics

Every year the children in our church congregation put on a musical program in Sacrament Meeting. It is my favorite Sunday of the year. Once again the time has come for this delightful event, which features kids from ages 3-11 singing and speaking about gospel principles.

Zach and Tyler have been faithfully rehearsing their speaking parts. Zach is speaking briefly about his baptism. Tyler has memorized the longest part in the program - a three-paragraph speech about LDS temples and eternal families. At the final rehearsal today, one of the leaders had him read most of the part after he hesitated a few seconds, which I thought was a bit unjust. However, I have been the leader in charge before, so I understand her desire to move things along.

I thought I'd record the kids' parts for the amusement of our faraway family (and to sneak in some extra practice). Zach executed his part flawlessly, if you don't count holding still as an essential component of the part. He then made it his life's mission to distract and torment his brother while he spoke. I decided to keep the camera rolling in spite of all the commotion. It's funny stuff -- and a true testament of family life.

In spite of the silliness on tape, I really do believe that blessings available in sacred temples bind families for eternity. I am grateful that my family can claim those blessings if we keep God's commandments. Our family is forever!
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