Nov 23, 2009

Two speeds

I have a friend who has a Gavin-type offspring who is now 17. She tells me that as a child, her girl had two speeds -- Fast and Asleep. Truer words were never spoken of my Gavin. He is either running at 100 miles an hour, wreaking havoc wherever he goes, or he is sleeping.

Lately, Gavin falls asleep at strange hours and in weird places.
This is probably because he doesn't sleep well at night. His two-year molars are breaking through, and Gavin gets up, on average, about five times a night in complete hysteria.

Gavin routinely falls asleep in his car seat if he is a passenger in the van after 9:00 a.m. I try hard to avoid morning errands, but I do have to pick up Tyler at school every day. Gavin falls asleep before we are out of the neighborhood -- every day. The time he sleeps in the car constitutes his daily nap Monday through Friday. Church happens during nap time on Sunday, so the kid is continually exhausted. (Guess who else fits that profile?)

On Saturday Garry caught a lunchtime catnap on camera.

Sleep, baby, sleep.

For a long, long time.
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