Jan 8, 2014

Using my brain

Just before I graduated from BYU, a professor (one of my favorites, actually) told me I was wasting my mind by choosing home and babies over graduate school and a career. While that judgment really hurt at the time, I don't care about his opinions anymore.  Sometimes I wonder about continuing my education, but that prospect seems highly incompatible with my life right now.


Some of my 2014 resolutions are in the "mental" category. Originally I had two (as I do in all of the other categories), which are to read 15 books aside from my scriptures, and to take an online class this year. My book goal may not seem lofty to some, but it is to me.  So the books below are on my nightstand right now.  I got through half of "I am Malala" before I had to return it to the library, but I plan to finish that, too, once I'm up on the waiting list again (currently #119).  I am open to suggestions on what else I might read this year.  Has a book changed your life or made your heart sing?  Tell me about it.

I have heard that BYU offers free online classes.  I'll also look into the community college here and see what jumps out at me...but maybe not until Fall Semester...when I have five kids in school!  (Can I get a resounding "hurrah!"?).  (That's a lot of punctuation all together.)

The last goal in my "mental" category is to pursue more activity on the piano.  I want to learn something hard (to me). And I want to keep tinkering with the newly-discovered composition side of my brain.  I have just finished a hymn arrangement that I like, and I have a couple other ideas in my head.

So maybe I'm not an associate professor or a career health scientist, but I'm trying to use my brain anyway. 
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