Jan 20, 2014

Primary pillowcase

Several children in our ward Primary are turning eight and getting baptized this year.  After some discussion among the presidency, we decided to give each of the children a white pillowcase at their baptisms.  As the only sewer (um...seamstress...I guess there's a reason for such a formal word) in the presidency I was elected to make the pillowcases.  Making a pillowcase is pretty simple, but the process became kind of tedious, as I made ten.  I made more work for myself by adding a ribbon trim to cover the seam where the end piece connects to the main part.  There is probably a more technical way to describe that...

This lady provided the inspiration for the gift, but I re-wrote the poem that goes with the pillowcase.  The poem talks about repentance, and how that relates to using a washing machine to clean the pillowcase when it gets dirty. I'm happy with the way they turned out.

The first pillowcase will go to my neighbor, 8-year-old Edynn, who will be baptized along with her sister, Emily (13), next Sunday night.  The girls and their parents have been meeting with the missionaries for a few months!  Their mom, my friend Jen, has also returned to activity after a long time. The whole process has been a happy part of my life since October. Hooray for the gospel of Jesus Christ!
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