Jan 12, 2014

Life aspirations

Gavin helped me load the dishwasher tonight.  When he's in the right mood, he really loves to help with household tasks. We ran out of dishes in the sink, so I asked him to clear the table.  As he brought those dishes to me, we started this conversation.

Gavin: When I grow up I want to be one of those people who takes people's food when they are done eating.
Me: Like at a restaurant?
Gavin: Yeah!
Me: I think when you grow all the way up, you can do greater things, but working at a restaurant would be a great job in high school.
Garry: Maybe you can become a chef!
Gavin: Yeah!  I can go around to all the restaurants and be a guest chef.  Like all the restaurants in the state, and then maybe some in Arizona.

I personally think Gavin is going to grow up and do great things.  Maybe he's like my dad and has picked his career at a young age.  Being a chef would sure make his daddy proud. Until then, I'll be happy that Gavin likes to help me with the dishes.
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