Jan 8, 2014

Photo essay

This picture says a lot about my life.

It says that I have a really dirty van, despite how often it is cleaned.  

It says that naughty kids have wrecked the came-with-the-van window screens and the used-to-be-automatic sliding door.

It says that Kate and Lexi have darling matching boots.

It says that Lexi is wearing a dress she received as a gift last Christmas, but refused to wear, but recently decided it's the best thing ever.

It says that I store diapers and wipes in the pockets behind the front seats, but I am soooo ready to be done with them.  Too bad Kate isn't.

It says that Kate walks on a leash (in the pocket in front of her), which is the perfect solution to our in-store drama.  My friend Jennie a genius.

It says that Kate's pants are too short.

It says that Tyler is always curious about what's going on wherever he isn't, or put another way, likes to be involved in everyone's business.

It says that I made a major Costco run and forgot that my trunk was full of strollers and sleds, so I had to fit most of my purchases under and around the children.

It says, without actually showing it, that a very harrowing Costco trip took place before this picture was taken, wherein, among other shopping difficulties, Zach announced he was embarrassed to be seen with his family and asked if I could act like we were strangers.

So, some things about the picture are good things, and some are bad.  That pretty much sums up my life!
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