Jan 20, 2014

Baby Kate and her babies

Kate has a big imagination.  Sometimes she forgets because she loves TV (and I let her watch too much), but when she plays with her dolls she is so fun to watch.  One night I walked in on her as she was singing to Grace, her birthday doll.  Of course as soon as I began recording her, she got shy, but my mother heart still swoons at her darling voice and the sentimental value of sharing our bedtime ritual with her dollie.

I am not normally wistful about my kids growing up.  I like them as they are and look forward to the stages ahead (number one on my list is for Kate to be diaper free).  But recently something triggered my thought (wish? impression? who knows) that we'd end our family with a little boy.  He is probably a figment of my imagination, but for some reason I've been thinking about that figment a lot lately.  The door to more babies must remain closed (a decision that was rather wrenching for me), but I find myself wishing my body was capable of growing just one more human.  Since it isn't capable, and since it would be irresponsible to try, I am soaking up Kate's cuteness and being happy with the beautiful kids I have here and now.

My current thought is that Kate will grow up and marry the boy in my dreams...and he'll be the boy of her dreams, and we'll all live happily ever after!
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