Jan 8, 2014

Bunny Hopscotch

Kate's beloved bunny was missing for over a week.  While she is not nearly as attached to Hopscotch as our other kids have been to their loveys, she definitely has a sweet affection for the little bunny, and has been sad about her absence.  Every night at bedtime, Kate said, "We need to find Bunny!"  So last week, Garry ordered a new bunny from Amazon.  It arrived, and I was so excited to present Kate with her treasured friend.  But Kate wasn't fooled.  She immediately said, "A brand new bunny!  But we still need to find my other bunny." Haha!  We can't fool this one.

Still, Kate is happy, so I'm happy.  Maybe her furry friend will keep her out of trouble, and also be her guardian angel so she doesn't get hurt.

Smacking her head on the fireplace (no stitches) and getting a black eye in the same week was pretty tragic.
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