Jan 1, 2014

Five-year flashback

Today we opened a family time capsule that we created in January 2009.  What a treasure!

Five years ago:

* We had lived here for seven months
* We had three boys with a girl on the way
* Zach was in 1st grade and Tyler in preschool
* Gavin was 14 months old
* We were in the Briargate Ward
* I was the ward activity chair person and Garry the ward clerk over the website
* We had the same house and cars
* Every room in the house was arranged differently
* Zach had a nasty Strep A infection in his toe
* I weighed five pounds less than I do now, and I was 5 months pregnant (sad!)
* I had been blogging for one year
* Barack Obama had just been inaugurated as President for his first term
* Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were the hottest couple in Hollywood

Here are just a few of the relics from our time capsule.  Lexi was very upset that nothing but a pregnancy photo represented her.  Tyler was sad that his soccer trophy was broken.  The rest of the box was highly entertaining.  We especially enjoyed all of the surveys that each person had filled out, and also the hand and foot prints we made out of construction paper.

In 2014 our lives are quite different, but also very much the same.  We plan to make a new time capsule over the next week or two, with items that will give a snapshot of our current life. We will include some of the treasures from the box we just opened, so we can have a ten-year comparison next time.  In five years Zach will be a senior in high school and Kate will be seven. It's hard to imagine how our lives are going to change between now and then!

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