Jan 30, 2014

Notes to self

Dear self,

Buying those big coloring books for the kids for Christmas was a stroke of brilliance.

Kate is not always going to be this small and charming, so treasure your time with her.

Indulge in make-believe.

Learn to laugh with this boy, and somehow teach him to laugh at his own mistakes.

Buy milk in mass quantities, since a full gallon can turn into this in 30 minutes.

You will always lay claim to "your" young women and enjoy supporting them in their endeavors.

Get this girl into ballet lessons as soon as she's old enough.

When your room looks like this, and the non-matching walls, the un-made bed, the stacks of un-read books, and the three-days-old laundry are driving you c.r.a.z.y, you can either spend some time taking care of it or walk away and stop being bothered.  You've got to pick one or the other and just do it.

The best cure for a bad day is to make a yummy dinner and take it to someone else.  Get out of yourself already.

The second best cure is to go out for ice cream with friends and laugh until it hurts, even if you stay an hour past closing.


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