Dec 31, 2013

Flying monkeys

I have mentioned complained about how much work I have been doing for my new calling in the Primary organization.  I have been pretty overwhelmed with it all, but I think that I am nearly finished with functional paperwork and 2014 preparation.  The last step for the new year was decorating our ward's Primary bulletin board.  The whole thing has been a comedy (or tragedy, since I am dramatic) of errors, including today when I left my adhesive putty at someone else's house and then locked myself out of the church building.  But today it is finally done, and I feel like several large and crazy monkeys have flown off my back.  Now I can just do regular secretary stuff and sit in the back row at church.

With all of the work I've done in the last two months, next December should be a breeze, right? Generally I keep a calling for less than a year, so we'll see....
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