Jul 1, 2013

While we were out: Frisco edition

While Garry and I were on our Canadian adventure, Garry's parents, sister, and grandma entertained our children in Frisco, Colorado.

They left in two minivans, and we left in a jet plane.

The Bartles rented the same timeshare apartment as they did two years ago.  Aunt Heidi and Grandma prepared a host of fun activities for the kids.  There was a daily theme, plus nightly entertainment during bath time for the Littles (that sounds weird, but it was all fun and appropriate).  Anyway, they had a blast for a whole week.

I'm not familiar enough with the themes and activities as I should be, but here is a smattering of the hundreds of photos the Bartles took that week.  Here are the things they did outdoors:

And here are photos of their indoor activities:



The adults took the kids on several "dates."  They went to stores and movies and ice cream shops.  The kids came home with treasures like movies, treats, clothes, headphones, and games.  Of course they were thrilled to be so spoiled!

We are so grateful for the time our children got to spend with their grandparents.  They made a host of wonderful memories.  Here's to next time!

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