Jul 10, 2013

Can't believe this happened

I'm so grossed out I can barely type this.

First, a confession: our dryer vents directly into the garage.  The reason is a long stupid story without a satisfactory ending, but you need to know that our dryer vents directly into the garage.

Second, I dried a load of laundry tonight.

Third, after dinner I opened the door to the garage and was blasted with an ungodly smell.  {If you're a Dixon, imagine Livy saying, "Wassat smell?"}

Fourth, I walked away.

Fifth, I went back in just to see if the smell was there.  {Wassat smell?}  It was still there.

Sixth, I gagged.  It smelled like cow manure.  Like under-your-feet, live-in-a-barn cow manure.  Nasty.  I wondered if a mouse (or maybe a cow) had died inside the dryer vent.  I didn't really want to know, but I had to know, because the smell was just criminal.

Seventh, I went downstairs to figure out if something in the dryer was causing the smell.

Eighth, I found a perfectly round, dusty ball of POO sitting inside the dryer door.



This cannot be my life.  But since it is, I had to record it.


The end.
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