Jul 20, 2013

Ball Boys

Tyler and Gavin have enjoyed a short season of baseball.  It has been short because they each missed their first practice and game because they were in Frisco, and they'll miss their last practice and game because we will be in Show Low, AZ for a family reunion next week.  That said, some commemorative pictures are in order.

Tyler did a great job on his team.  His fielding and batting improved.  He had some impressive hits and a couple of great plays.  He's a little unsure of himself, but he enjoyed the season and tried his best.

At Tyler's game last week, we spotted a funnel cloud atop Pike's Peak.  Pretty cool...from far away.

This was Gavin's first exposure to baseball.  His interest waxed and waned, depending on how much he was involved in the action.  Practices were very engaging; waiting in right field was not.  Running the bases was fun; sitting on the sidelines was not.

Before his game last week, Gavin ran around the skate park. He could scale the half pipes with no trouble at all.

Gavin loves to practice baseball at home.  He has a great arm! Hopefully the team experience will keep him motivated to play catch and practice the other fundamentals. We're always looking for a way to release that boy's energy!
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