Jul 13, 2013

Rites of passage

It's a new frontier: our first child has braces.  Here's Zach's final pre-braces smile.  He was plenty nervous but made it through like a champ.

I didn't stay next to him for the installation (is that the right word?) process, but here's Zach in the final stage:

And here's the boy-turned-teen afterward:

I think Zach looks at least a year older with braces on.  He's still really sore (48 hours later) and prefers drinking liquids to chewing foods.  Zach is already too thin...I hope his mouth heals soon!

Another rite of passage happened this week when Zach had his first sports physical.  Instead of handing intake paperwork to me, the receptionist handed it to Zach!  The doctor talked to him instead of me.  It was so interesting to pass the baton.

Zach's current height is 5'4" (98%) and 101 lbs (78%).

Zach is really interested in athletics and hopes to play a different sport every season during the school year.  We look forward to seeing what he chooses and how he progresses.  He has great potential as an athlete and we hope he can find his niche.

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