Jul 13, 2013

Kate update

This girl is so great.

Kate is busy and crazy and talks non-stop.  She wants so much to be five, but she holds her own as a two-year-old.  As you can see, she tries/likes to put on her own shoes.  She is also completely offended that she can't take swimming lessons like her sister.

Kate adores being outside, especially when she has playmate.  She scales the play structure with such ease and balance that I don't worry (too much) about her anymore.  She loves the trampoline (and gets on and off like it's no big deal).  She has really enjoyed our little kiddie pool out back and loves the kid-sized picnic table.  The only thing Kate can't use on her own is the swings and she loooooves the swings.

Inside, Kate continues to raid the pantry and my make-up drawer.  She adores dolls, especially dressing them (aka having me dress them) in Granny's hand-made clothes. She enjoys the play "tichen" (kitchen) in her bedroom. Incidentally, I just rearranged her room to accommodate the little-kid toys that were living in Gavin and Lexi's bedroom.  I think she will love it.

Yesterday she figured out how to climb out of her crib, but she hasn't messed up the bedtime routine with her new skill. Yet. When I put her to bed I sing a few Primary songs to her. Her favorite is "I love to see the temple," and  she likes to go to sleep with her small, framed picture of the Denver Temple under her arm.  That makes me happy.

We gave potty training a try a couple of weeks ago.  Kate has been asking to use the potty.  She can talk and dress herself and half the time she wakes up dry in the morning.  I think she's too young to be completely independent, but I set aside some time to work on it.  Kate would have nothing to do with the whole thing.  She wouldn't drink and she wouldn't sit.  She did have fun playing all of the games I brought out.  I think the only upside to the failed attempt is that Kate is more aware of her body functions.  I have my eyes set on next summer.

Kate talks more than any of our other children did at this age. She strings together all kinds of phrases.  Some of my favorites: "Gavin did it."  "Mama kiss it better."  "Tank you."  "C'mere"  and "c'mon."  "My cup." "Hode you."  "Champeen (trampoline)."  "Mof (moth) scawy." "Brekdis (which sounds like breakfast but means meal or snack--she's hungry)." "Sippy tup."  "No go bed!"

Our little girl will be two in just six weeks.  I can hardly believe it.
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