Jul 5, 2013

While we were out: Dixon edition

I got to go to girls camp because my parents kindly flew up to watch the kids.  Garry worked during the day and came home at night, but Granny and Gramps provided the daily entertainment (and containment).  It was a huge blessing that they "accidentally" got a van as their rental car, so they could haul the kids around and I could drive a bunch of girls to camp without borrowing someone else's vehicle.  Anyway, the grandparents and the grandkids had lots of fun while I was gone, including...

Adventures at Costco.

Hiking in Garden of the Gods.

Playing at Focus on the Family.

Visiting Fox Run Park.

Checking out the Air Force Academy and the B-52 plane.

Driving to the top of Pikes Peak.

Watching the boys play baseball.

And just hanging out.

Outings with the kids intimidate me, so I am very happy that they got to enjoy things around town with their grandparents!  I am also thrilled for my dad's help and generosity in installing a beautiful light fixture above the kitchen table.

Since we rearranged our furniture in March 2012, we have been eating in the dark. Let there be light!  It makes me happy every day.
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