Jul 20, 2013

Do you love your neighbor?

There's a lady in my ward who has taken me under her wing.  She's probably my mom's age, with grown children and several grandchildren.  She checks in on me every so often and can always tell when I'm having a hard time.  She listens.  Plus she is super cheerful and funny.  I just love her.  Last Sunday she asked if my kids could come over and play in her back yard one day.  I agreed, wondering how that was going to work.

The outing was great, even for my big boys.  She had all kinds of games set up in her yard, including a basketball hoop, a jungle gym, and treasures buried in a sand box.  She baked cookies and made lemonade.  She and I sat in lawn chairs and talked while the kids played, and later she joined the boys in a basketball game or two.  It was great.

The one picture I took is a happy reminder of the morning we spent with Nancy, one of my favorite people.

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Colleen said...

What a wonderful friend!

pass it on!

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