Jul 10, 2013

Simply summer

Oh, what do you do in the summertime?  Here's what we do.

Play in the pool.  (And also fill it will cereal, shoes, a bike, and a scooter.)

Read a good book.  (Tyler has read a few thousand pages this summer.)

Jump on a wet trampoline.  (See the five kids in there?)

Swing and climb.  (It's nice to see Lexi up there for a change.)

Play in the driveway.  (Or chill on a beanbag in the driveway, because that's normal.)

Enjoy a movie night with friends in the back yard.  (Garry built the stand for that screen the afternoon of the 4th.)

Color.  (This was a moment of silent wonder.)

Dance in the rain.  (Brotherly love...for a split second.)

In some ways, the summer is flying by.  I feel really busy, with at least one "something" on the calendar every day.  We are past most of the big events of the summer, and I'm surprised to realize it's the 10th of July.  How did that happen?

In some ways, though, the summer days are and I think we won't survive until school starts.  The kids are largely without friends and we all feel the deprivation.  I haven't been my usual rosy self (ha) so we haven't gone swimming or visited the zoo a single time (gasp!).  There are lots and lots and lots of sibling rivalry/duel-to-the-death scenarios.  The house is an utterly hopeless disaster all of the time, and that drives me bonkers.


Seeing these pictures reminds me of the happy moments, where everyone is smiling and relaxed and just having fun.  I guess we are doing OK after all.
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