Jul 10, 2013

Saturday Hike: Bear Creek

We'd like to become a family that hikes, so on Saturday we made an attempt. We went to Bear Creek Nature Center, which was the location of an ill-fated field trip in May. Remember how Kate lost her sandal that day? Guess what!  Someone found it and turned it in, so we got it back.  I was so excited!


Here are some pictures from our hike.  On hiking trips past--when I have gone alone with the kids--Lexi has always been enthusiastic.  Not so on this day.  Garry and I had girls on our shoulders a good portion of the way, but extra sweat is good for us, right?

We made a few wrong turns along the way.  Once we ended up in a little clearing that was scattered with bones.  We didn't stay there too long.

All told, we hiked for about an hour and went 2.25 miles.  The kids declared it a success, and we hope to find more [very low key] places to hike in the future.

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