Jun 13, 2010


Gavin's 2 1/2-year mark passed a couple of weeks ago. I can't believe so much has happened in his short little life. Mostly I record the crazy things he does (the sheer volume gives them top priority most days), but it's time to document other parts of his personality.

At 30 months, Gavin thinks he is much older. He constantly longs to be included in what the big boys are doing and resents his designation as one of "the Littles." In stature he's certainly not little! And, in truth, he is growing up. This month he got to join Daddy and his brothers on a swimming trip at the rec center, and he also got to go to the Fathers and Sons camp-out. Gavin behaves well enough in the stroller (on occasion) that he attended a few events at the boys' school toward the end of the year. He just loves being included.

Of course there are the frequent times that Gavin can't participate in what the bigger kids are doing, but he always tries. This week he has noticed Zach's and Tyler's backpacks hanging in the closet, so he started wearing them around the house. They dragged on the floor. So the last
time I was at Wal-Mart I picked up a cheap "pack-pack" that is just his size. Gavin is totally thrilled.

Gavin has been trying to learn to pedal his tricycle over the last few weeks. He refused any assistance from his mother, and one day the process finally clicked. Now he can pedal and
steer. I bet he rides a two-wheeler early. He is already eyeing Tyler's bicycle (and wearing Zach's helmet).

Gavin believes that this remote control (for an airplane that has long been broken) is a camera. He holds it up to cover his eyes, says, "Smile!" and presses buttons until he has "taken a picture." It's a pretty silly ritual, but we all oblige. Every time I download photos from my pocket-sized camera, there are random photos on the memory card that were obviously taken by Gavin. His snaphappy nature is genetic.

Gavin is sweet, thoughtful, affectionate, articulate, and eager to please. The way he talks (so expressively) reminds me a lot of his four-year-old cousin, Chloe. Lately he just makes me laugh. When I brought home new pajamas for him (to replace his ratty hand-me-downs) yesterday, his reaction merited a much bigger gift!

Challenging as he is, we can't imagine life without dear Gavin.
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