Jun 3, 2010

Last day of school

June 2 was the last day of school. Finally!
With a bunch of snow days built into the school year, this day
has been a looooong time a-comin'. We are all ready!

I can't believe how much these boys have grown during this school year.
Zachary, especially, seems to have shot up a foot.
And Tyler was so young and inexperienced back in August.
Now he is confident and ready for first grade!

Zach's class didn't have any activities for the families to participate in on the last day, but the Littles and I attended Tyler's kindergarten graduation. As planned, we snuck in just before the program started and I stood in the back with the stroller. The downside is terrible video footage and no pictures of the actual ceremony, but the upside is that the stroller fit back there (the gym was totally packed) and I could feed the Littles contraband fruit snacks and graham crackers to keep them quiet.

Tyler held up a "T" during a cute alphabet song. He jammed to the music the kindergarteners (all 93 of them - 5 classes) sang, too. His sweet dance moves were fun to watch. Tyler accepted his diploma with a huge grin on his face! After the program, we went back to Tyler's classroom for cake and some pictures.

Here is Tyler with his best buddy, Carter. Ty and Carter are both moving this summer. I'm glad one won't be left here without the other!

So now begins our summer! We are excited to open the next chapter.
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