Jun 11, 2010

Day Camp

Zachary was thrilled to attend our stake's Cub Scout day camp this week. He spent three days in the woods doing all kinds of great activities: whittling, tying knots, touring a flight tower, riding horses, shooting BB guns and arrows, hiking, crafting a slingshot, and running around in the dirt with 150 other Cub Scouts. He completed lots of scouting requirements and had an amazing experience.

Well, I'm guessing he had an amazing experience; he came home filthy and happy every night, but wasn't very forthcoming on the details. Zach isn't the chattiest kid! But I know the camp had fantastic leaders, offered some incredible opportunities, and he definitely participated, so that's good enough for me.

On Friday afternoon I took the other kids up to the campsite for a family program and closing ceremonies. We enjoyed some snacks together (I had to take a picture of Zach's filthy hands as he scooped up his treats), listened to some speakers, and watched each ward pack perform short skits.

The 90-minute program was pretty long for the Littles, who just wanted to get out of the stroller to explore amongst the rocks and trees. So we spent a lot of time wandering around the camp. I'm glad for a sturdy stroller!

Zach's group skit was called "Monkeys Cleaning Their Ears." Pretty silly! This photo shows the pack receiving last-minute instruction from their dynamic and talented leader, Janae Daniels. In the video, Zach is fourth from the right. From his height, you'd think he was one of the oldest kids in the group, but he's one of the youngest!

Zach and I were both sad to see day camp come to an end. It has provided marvelous entertainment this week! But I am so grateful that Zach was able to attend. It was one of the many things we weren't sure he would be able to do this summer. Now camp is the final item crossed off our "must do before moving" list!
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