Jun 9, 2010

Baseball season

When I registered Zach and Tyler for baseball at the end of April, I wondered if we'd be here to participate in the season. Well, here we are! We don't know how long the season will last for us, so we will just try to enjoy every practice and game.

The boys have practices at the same time on the same fields, but their games are at different parks. So Garry will take one baseball player/time/venue, plus a Little child, and I will take the other. We will switch off days and times and kids.

Last night I took Lexi to Tyler's game, which was the closer park and the later time slot. I remembered the camera but the battery was nearly dead. (At least the cell phone works in a pinch.) I forgot a chair. Better luck next time!

Tyler really enjoyed his game. He had a couple of great hits and ran up on a few balls in the outfield. Lexi and I basked in the cool evening breeze, played with a stray baseball, and watched storm clouds form overhead. It was a nice evening for baseball!


Grandma said...

Yeah for Tyler! I'm glad he gets to enjoy sports:) Also, what a precious little gal Lexi is. She is so adorable and she looks like she's enjoying the whole scene.

granny said...

It seems impossible that a year has gone by since we were there watching his game last year! He is growing up! What cute pictures of both of them.

The Cushing Family said...

Wish we were apart of this! I am bummed that we are leaving. Carter would have had so much fun playing on Tyler's team.
Thanks so much for helping me out with all that you have going on, Heidi. You definitely deserve all the blessings with how much you serve everyone!

Christa Johnson said...

wow! enjoy the cool weather while you are up there. You sure aren't going to get those wonderful storm clouds here anytime soon.
Glad you guys are enjoying every minute of life!
p.s. I was sooo impressed to see how far you are running on your treadmill!!!! wahoo!!

girlygirl said...

Cute, little girl!

Carroll Conversations said...

Great pictures. I love the one of Lexi looking out over the field. It's kind of cool seeing the world from her level. We were at Zachary's last baseball game on Tuesday. Ethan kept trying to walk onto the field. He was insistent on getting the ball from the pitcher. In between innings we would let him venture out and every time he'd make a beeline for the ball on the pitcher's mound. I wish we could get these little toddlers together.

Colleen said...

You are brave! When we were selling there were no extra-curricular activites...I just couldn't take it! The boys sure look great in their uniforms!

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