Jun 5, 2010

da girls

While the boys were roughin' it up at the Fathers and Sons camp-out last night, the girls stayed home. What a quiet night!

We had dinner.

Lexi went to bed. I called a friend, then went to bed (at 9:00).

Lexi slept through the night (until 6:30). Woohoo! Then we had breakfast. What a calm event that was!

After some morning chores, we took a jog together. Lexi fell asleep.

I transferred her to bed at home and had time to shower before she woke up.

I suppose that in years to come, Lexi and I will do fun things like painting nails, watching movies, or going out. But this year, I basked in the quiet and the calm that pervaded my house in the absence of boys.

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