Dec 9, 2008

One of those days

It's one of those days when nothing seems to be going right.

School is canceled because part of the city (not our part) is snowed in.

The big boys (&I) are suffering through a no-friends-or-electronic-entertainment week, which means a day without school is awfully long.

Tyler is screaming through yet another writing consequence for saying bad words.

The vacuum broke.

A plan to deep-clean the boys room ended up with four grumpy Bartles and a distinct distaste for all material possessions and the inevitable clutter they cause.

And I still can't find my slippers!!!


That's quite a list, and I can't seem to keep running through it, so I've determined to make a happy list and get on with my life. So here's some stuff that made me smile today.

Seeing Gavin cuddle with his bear-buddy, Russell (aka the ticket to a binky-free future).

Taking a walk on the treadmill while enjoying a few uplifting articles.

Watching the snow blow about like so much glitter in the wind.

Realizing that I only have four more days until a certain festive event is behind me.

Realizing that tonight is my last song practice with the youth for a certain festive event.

Packaging presents for some birthday girls in my life.

Washing four loads of laundry in four hours because my new washer and dryer ROCK. (I really am spoiled, despite all my griping.)

Reading this funny story and this funny story and realizing random/frustrating stuff doesn't only happen to me.

Onward and upward, eh?
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