Dec 4, 2008

Looking like Christmas -- or at least white.

Still no sign of my brain, but I'm trying to function without it.

Colorado Springs is a winter wonderland, folks. The temperature at the moment: 14 degrees. For the second time this week, it has snowed all day. I have to admit, the snow is quite beautiful. And the kids had a blast in it on Monday. I predict this afternoon will bring more adventures of the snowy sort.

Meanwhile, I've been wrapping my head around Christmas. The house is mostly decorated, though we still lack a tree and outdoor lights (Garry's planning on these Saturday Christmas tasks). We have a yummy-smelling Wallflower reminding us of holiday cider, and we've been playing a festive radio station a lot around here. Also, I got in gear and tackled the shopping lists. Armed with my trusty spreadsheet (Is there a better way to keep track of gift items and expenses? OK, I'm a nerd.), I hit several stores last night and ordered the rest online this morning. Ah, I love the internet.

That other Christmas thing in my life -- the church party coming up next Saturday -- is also looming, but things are pretty much under control. I'm counting on a few Thursday night TV shows to get me through the menial task of making service stars and tying crayon bundles. And I'm counting on clear-ish roads to allow for some last-minute shopping next week. And I'm counting on my committee (and others I have roped into the cause) to come through with their food and music and decoration assignments! I'm sure they will. Things always work out, right?
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