Dec 14, 2008

Hooray for happy endings

Today I'm grateful for happy endings.

I definitely enjoyed one last night at the ward Christmas party. Watching all the plans in my head unfold so beautifully, seeing 225+ people socialize, eat yummy food, and participate happily in the evening's activities, working with wonderful people from beginning to end (particularly with those friends-to-the-bitter-end who stayed late to clean up), just did my heart good.

These are all extremely happy thoughts because before the party I had three different nightmares about various potential points of failure. The fact that none of them came to pass was an extraordinary relief to me, even though I knew my dreams were completely ridiculous.

I'm looking forward to more photos from the friend I tasked with photographing the event, but here are a couple of lame ones from my camera. There is a reason I delegated the photography job (thanks, Kendra!).

These are the decorated tables before everyone arrived (and before we lowered the lights for a more festive mood). This photo will forever remind me of the aroma-that-became-a-stench of cinnamon pinecones in my car, adventures with raffia and sore fingers, and being OCD with crayon arrangements. Oh, and hilarious chats with Sandie while papering all those tables.

And here we have people serving up plates of fabulous turkey breast, stuffing, gravy, veggies, and salad. I can take zero credit for this gorgeous and delicious spread; my committee members and other volunteers really outdid themselves!

Other events from the party that I now have pictures for:

*A delightful performance of "The 12 Pains of Christmas" by 15 or so hilarious ward members.

*A service exchange among ward members.

*A festive/spiritual musical program that included performances by the Primary children, youth, ward choir, and a women's group, plus lovely narration and a touching story called "The Christmas We Gave Away."

*Scrumptious desserts provided by ward members.

*Signing Christmas cards for the missionaries serving from our ward around the world. (Thanks for making and mailing these, Mom!)

*Enjoyable socializing by all.

Overall, I counted the night as a success. I was totally exhausted at the end of it, but was blessed to feel well and have energy for it all, so that was great! I definitely learned some lessons about leadership and know I have a long way to go as the head of this committee, but I'm pleased that things went as well as they did last night.

Finally, I just can't resist sharing another happy ending. Click the links for the sad beginning and then for the happy ending. I'm sure Angie won't mind that I'm sharing her Christmas miracle.

Good night!
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