Dec 10, 2008

He speaks not, but he's got a mean growl

According to our pediatrician (and our family's past experience), Gavin's small collection of vocalizations counts as good talking for a one-year-old. He says mamama, dadada, dah (ball), eheheheh, and a lispy "ish," which invariably means something happy. Last night he looked right at Garry and said, "da!" It's fun to note his progress.

But my hands-down favorite Gavin sound: his growl. Dinosaurs growl. Trucks growl. And most importantly, copy-catting babies growl. This is a bit of a haphazard video, but Gavin's growling just makes me laugh. Just a note: Tyler is growling in the background, trying to egg on his brother. Ty was hanging on my back and Gavin kept trying to reach for the camera and I couldn't stop laughing.

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