Dec 16, 2008

More from Tyler

Last night at Family Home Evening, we presented a lesson on giving gifts for Christmas. We started by asking the boys to list what they considered to be perfect gifts for a newborn, a three-year-old, a teenager, and a parent. The boys' lists looked like this:

From Zachary:
Newborn - clothes
Three-year-old - truck
Teenager - iPod
Parent - watch

From Tyler:
Newborn - car seat that turns into a stroller
Three-year-old - chair that is small and comfy
Teenager - Batman movie
Parent - iPod

Garry and I threw in our own ideas and we had a nice discussion. Then we asked each boy to think hard about what gift they could give the Savior for Christmas. Zach immediately scribbled, "to be good." He obviously grasped the concept of intangible gifts of the heart.

Tyler looked thoughtful for a moment and then wrote, "sun screen."

Hm. When we asked Tyler to explain his gift, he said, "Well, Jesus lives in a cloud and it's probably close to the sun and gets really hot. I don't want him to get a sunburn."

Even though Ty can't wrap up a bottle of SPF 60 and overnight it to heaven, we think his tender heart is in the right place.
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