Aug 5, 2008

While we were out

Garry was a busy boy while the boys and I were out of town! We both thought he'd just relax in the peace and quiet during our absence, but that didn't really happen. In addition to working very full work days, he:
  • Completed the play structure
  • Re-routed and buried sprinkler lines (the back lawn is really perking up!)
  • Installed a plastic barrier between the grass and the pea gravel
  • Mowed & trimmed
  • Installed a new shower head downstairs (according to our recent house guests, the old one was pretty lame)
  • Hung a hook in the boy's closet for their laundry bag
  • Installed new pulls on all the kitchen cabinets and drawers
  • Purchased and installed new surround-sound speakers in the family room (this was a 15-hour project that required cutting holes in the walls, running cables, squeezing into tight spaces, and doing lots of repair work)
  • Purchased a Wii console and the Wii Fit program
  • Signed up on The Daily Plate, used Wii Fit nightly, and lost six pounds!
  • Interviewed for three new jobs within Wells Fargo (details to come in a couple of weeks)
  • Did all of his own laundry, collected the mail, and cleaned the house before I got home
Thanks for all your hard work, honey! I sure appreciate everything you do!
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