Aug 29, 2008

Five sets of life lessons

This week's update comes in the form of the random bits of knowledge our family acquired over the last seven days.

Garry has learned...
  • How to wrangle four-to-six-year-olds into some semblance of a soccer game
  • That his Lord of the Rings Online buddies have missed him the past three months
  • That verbal commitments at work don't always translate into results
  • That his boss will go to bat for him at all costs
Heidi has learned...
  • How to plan/prepare/serve/eat dinner early enough for 5:30 soccer practice
  • That Zach has been late to school every day this year
  • That sudden quiet usually means Gavin is playing in the toilet
  • That she needs to work harder to get photos of Zachary (gotta be fair...)
  • That our garage door's motor didn't burn out; the up-spring just broke
Zachary has learned...
  • That being on time to school requires leaving at 8:00, not 8:10
  • That Nate the Great is a pretty fun book series
  • That it's not possible to multi-task his homework and being at Ty's soccer practice
  • That shin guards don't always prevent injury from an aggressive teammate
Tyler has learned...
  • That library story time and playgroup and visiting teaching are all acceptable alternatives to preschool
  • That he can read "Go, Dog, Go" all by himself
  • That mixing up pieces from seven puzzles is a bad idea
  • That an 11-year-old neighbor can make an excellent playmate
Gavin has learned...
  • How to chuck stuff out of his crib when he's supposed to be sleeping
  • How to shut himself in a room
  • Where the baby food drawer is
  • That standing unsupported is fun
  • That the mall is a fun place to play

...and so our brains are full!
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