Aug 25, 2008

Love/Hate relationships

I love making curtains.
I hate the way the sewing mess takes over my house.

I love flowers.
I hate weeds.

I love all-day first grade.
I hate the after-school grumpies.

I love a clean, stocked refrigerator.
I hate being responsible for cleaning and stocking.

I love one-stop-shopping at Wal-Mart.
I hate slow, incompetent checkers (the only kind this store employs).

I love stainless steel appliances.
I hate obvious fingerprints everywhere.

I love losing weight.
I hate counting calories.

I love hot pink toenails.
I hate chipping the polish on the first day.

I love seeing kids enjoy long-lost (packed) toys
I hate tripping over toys that are "resting."

I love my new house.
I hate knowing my old one is unloved (and for sale again).

I love blogging.
I hate being done.
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