Aug 9, 2008

This week in our life

  • Spent a few frenetic days at work preparing high-profile, custom reports for upper-level managers
  • Presented his work on Thursday and got rave reviews
  • Worked out every night with Wii Fit (check out our Wii Family below)
  • Set up some new lamps in our previously cavernous master bedroom (let there be light!)
  • Signed up to be a co-coach for Tyler's soccer team

  • Took inventory of big boys' fall clothing and did school clothes shopping
  • Bought school supplies for Zach
  • Finished registering Tyler for preschool (what a process!)
  • Started Gavin's first-year scrapbook
  • Thanks to, The Daily Plate, Wii Fit, extended family inspiration, and Garry's recent efforts, finally hit pre-Gavin numbers on the scale (next goal: pre-Zachary numbers...)
  • Wondered what on earth to do with the constantly messy Lazy Susan in our kitchen (thoughts, anyone???)
  • Ironed a million zillion clothes
  • Enjoyed several days of cool, rainy weather (so much like Beaverton...)

  • Started writing in a journal after our FHE lesson on journals
  • Enjoyed picnics at the park and in the fort on our play structure
  • Got very excited for first grade and soccer practice
  • Requested and received a short and spiky hair cut
  • Completed tasks on his job chart with very little complaint or external motivation
  • Used Wii Fit almost every day
  • "Borrowed" Mom's camera one morning and took some very interesting photos

  • Was hilarious during an air hockey tournament one day; he beat Mom because she was laughing so hard at his manic behavior
  • Zoomed through a bike ride one blustery, stormy afternoon
  • Diligently completed several writing consequences
  • Enjoyed nightly installments of James and the Giant Peach before bed
  • Got very excited about starting preschool next week
  • Was content with a single new outfit for school (the box of hand-me-downs is more than adequate this year)
  • Made lots of progress on the sleeping front; going to sleep is much easier but we're still working on duration
  • Screamed hysterically through his hair cut (it still turned out pretty cute)
  • Started enjoying having stories read to him
  • Adopted the Incrediblock as his favorite toy
  • Sustained several bumps and bruises related to cruising and attempting to stand solo
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