Aug 15, 2008


I tried a new salad recipe tonight and it was super yummy. If you're thinking that salad=healthy, this won't be for you, but if you want a fun dish to impress your girlfriends (and your taste buds), try the Winter Salad I found here. {Just a note: I used bagged romaine, dehydrated onions, and olive oil instead of raw sweet onion and canola oil because that's what I had on hand.}

The cooking website that offers the recipe also brought Chicken Lo Mein into my life. Ah, I love this stuff! I use the light version {and twice as much} of the dressing called for in the recipe. And the recipe author is right; don't skip the cilantro!

I realize this post makes me sound all adventurous in the kitchen. I am SO not adventurous in the kitchen. I hate cooking, but I hate being in a meal-planning rut even more. Do any of you have great sources for new recipes, or are you willing to share something that your family really loves? I need some inspiration and would love your input. The comments box can fit a whole recipe, you know!
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