Aug 22, 2008

The case of the missing diaper bag

I just dropped my kids off at a good friend’s house for the evening. I watched her kids last Saturday and now she’s returning the favor so Garry and I can go on a date.

On the way out the door, I asked Tyler to carry the diaper bag. Zach had the swim suits and towels, my arms were full of baby and purse and keys, so the lot fell on him. Ty struggled with the *massive* bag, which was packed with all manner of baby items one might need to care for an eight-month-old for five hours. I teased him across the driveway; he was laughing at his load by the time we hit the van. I went around to get Gavin in and assumed Tyler heaved the bag into the van. Not so.

Once we arrived at Kym’s, the boys made a mad dash to the house. I got Gavin out and reached for the bag, but it wasn’t there. On second glance, it wasn’t anywhere. I asked Tyler where he put the bag and he admitted he left it in the driveway because it was too heavy. Lame! So I went home to fetch it.

The problem I discovered upon arriving at home was that the bag was nowhere to be found. Stacked neatly on my porch were a sippy cup and a board book, both of which had been carefully packed in the diaper bag. Did someone really steal my bag but purposefully leave a cup and a book behind?

There has to be another explanation, right?

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