Aug 30, 2008


Gavin has completed 75% of his first year of life. Kinda crazy, eh? Time flies.

Here's a recap of the last month, as taken from my journal for Gavin's scrapbook:

Physical traits: You were such an adorable baby, but definitely big for your age. People who knew you called you “tubs,” “hulk,” “linebacker,” “chubs,” etc. My nickname for you was “cheeks” because your round cheeks were so much fun! People also couldn’t resist touching your fluffy hair, which still stuck out all over. You were very sturdy and started standing on your own a little bit. You crawled like crazy, cruised around furniture and walls, jumped in the jumper, and walked with support. You also cut four more teeth.

Little things I’ve noticed: You finally mastered the crawl-to-sit maneuver after crawling for two months! You preferred playing with toys that allowed you to stand, so our little piano and the Incrediblock were very popular for a while. You loved toys that made music, too. You’d bounce around with a big grin as you tried to dance to the music.

My favorite moments: Watching Dad’s face light up when you said, “A-da,” which sounded a lot like, “Hi, Dad!” Even though it made my life more difficult, I loved seeing you explore your world. You discovered doors that month, which meant that you got into drawers and cabinets a lot and often shut yourself in your bedroom. Your brothers started soccer practice in August, and I loved watching you crawl, bear style, through the long, cool grass. You even ate some, but didn't think it was super palatable.

Stuff I’m learning about you: You preferred big people food to baby food, and you became adept at handling crackers, berries, and even big chunks of banana. Other new foods that month were bagels, noodles, yogurt, cheese, and juice from a cup. You weren’t proficient with sippy cups yet, but you were more interested than in the past. You were definitely a people person who liked being where the action was. You also developed separation anxiety and were very difficult to leave with a babysitter.

Highlights: You finally learned to sleep through the night! The cry-it-out process was traumatic for a week or so and then off and on, but the first night you slept 11 straight hours I knew it was worth the effort! I especially loved having a daily schedule to depend on. Before each rest time, you and I read books together. The last one was always “The Going to Bed Book” by Sandra Boynton. Then I cradled you, sang “I am a Child of God,” and tucked you into bed. Usually you fell right asleep. If you got upset, however, you would throw your blanket, pillow, and pacifier on the ground, then rock the crib rails until they banged into the walls.

We sure love you, Gavin! Happy three-fourths!
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