Aug 10, 2008

I like to look for rainbows....

The boys and I have established a new tradition of taking a walk on Sunday afternoon. I find it very refreshing to explore our neighborhood, burn a little energy, and appreciate the pretty place we in which we live.

Last week rain spoiled our plans and today it seemed that rain would foil us again. Zachary and Tyler (true Oregonians that they are...) didn't think a light drizzle was anything to worry about, so we grabbed our jackets and set out anyway. I figured a blanket and a stroller canopy would protect Gavin enough. Off we went.

Several blocks from home, the rain intensified rather than lessened. I was enjoying myself, however, and the boys weren't complaining. (It was raining but still quite warm; we were all sweating in our jackets.) Gavin's face and hands were splattered with rain, but every time I checked on him he was beaming. We kept going.

All was fun and good until Tyler crashed on his scooter and landed bum-first in a puddle. He recovered quickly, but that was our signal to head home. A few blocks from Begonia, the rain turned to mist again, so we slowed our pace and enjoyed the puddles. That's when we noticed a giant rainbow arcing over the stormy sky. It was vibrant and so beautiful! While we were admiring it, a second rainbow appeared over the first. We ran ahead to Candleflower Park, which is set in a clearing with a great view of the city. Sure enough, the view of the rainbow was spectacular!

A grainy cell phone photo is the best I can offer, but it still makes me smile.

I like our new tradition!
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