Feb 9, 2014

Winter slip-n-slide

Baby, it's been cold outside!  With temps hovering in the -15 to +5 range (that's before wind chill) for a few days, we spent most of our time indoors.  However, the boys did venture out a few times to have fun in the snow.  They didn't take my suggestions to build a snow man or a snow cave (too boring, they said...whatever), but they did want to go sledding.

The first day Zach hit the slopes at Cottonwood Park with his buddies, Nick and Eli.  They had a grand time in the 0-degree weather.  Zach said he was hot.

The next day, Zach, Tyler, and Gavin all went to Candleflower Park (in our neighborhood), since there is a big hill sloping down behind it through "green space."  That's in quotation marks because, while the area is open and has a walking path weaving through it, it can hardly qualify as green, even during the summer.  Anyway, they had fun there for a while, but Gavin wasn't satisfied.  So Zach and Tyler manned the fort and I took Gavin to Cottonwood.  I didn't take many pictures, since flying through the snow and holding a camera aren't super compatible.  We had lots of fun together, even though it was colder (like -5...brrr...).


We spent about an hour at the park and were the last people to leave before sundown.  This was our favorite hill, since it didn't have a chain-link fence to avoid at the bottom.  We learned the hard way, when I slid right through/under the fence, that maybe the other hill we braved wasn't the best choice.

We had a few crashes and lumps and bumps by the time we went home, but sledding was still a fun way to close our afternoon.
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