Feb 9, 2014

Pictured & Not

Welcome to another episode of Pictured & Not Pictured, wherein I share the stories behind the photos of Bartle family life. Here we go.

Pictured: Zach playing YMCA basketball.  He is wearing white shorts.
Not pictured: Zach's 57 rebounds.  His team won 38-17.

Pictured: Gavin and Lexi in their "nests," which were set up in my bedroom.
Not pictured: The birthday party going on next to their bedroom downstairs, which led to the sleeping in my bedroom.

Pictured: Garry sawing umpteen pieces of wood for Cub Scout toolboxes.
Not pictured: The painstakingly slow process of getting said Cub Scouts to assemble the toolboxes.

Pictured: The song I'm writing.
Not pictured: The notebook pages where I scrawled lyrics, and the frustration at discovering timing mistakes and not being able to figure out the Coda.

Pictured: A measure from "How Firm a Foundation." Not pictured: My awesome Facebook friends who helped identify the notes in parentheses, and also how to insert such notes into my score (Sandy, I'm looking at you).

Pictured: The beginnings of bulletin boards I designed for two places at church (isn't wrapping paper awesome?).  Not pictured: Karla getting a break from her calling on her birthday, and the awesome Cricut machine that Mindy loaned me.

Pictured: Gavin next to his name letters, and the "Keep it Clean!" sign he insisted I make so that he and Lexi wouldn't forget to clean their disaster of a bedroom on a daily basis.
Not pictured: The entire calendar year it took to hang those letters, which process took exactly five minutes.

Pictured: Bronco pride.
Not picture: Their horrific performance at the Superbowl.

Pictured: Four kids playing with exercise bands anchored to the wall.
Not pictured: Laughing parents.

Pictured: Our stake center on a cold winter's night (Superbowl night, actually).
Not pictured: Me walking into a stake training meeting that I thought was a fireside.  Haha.

Pictured: A darling little girl in her favorite shirt.
Not pictured: The swimming suit with a tutu that she insists on wearing 90% of the time, and her habit of slipping into it right before we need to go somewhere, as she did about five minutes after this picture was taken.
Also not pictured: The poor way that I handled that situation.

Pictured: Some of the (approximately one million) rubber hair bands that used to be sorted by color in that pill box.
Not pictured: The five times Kate spilled the bands on purpose in about three days, and the plastic cup the elastics now live in, all haphazardly.

Pictured: A girl sleeping in the van.
Not pictured: Newspaper delivery.

Pictured: An icy goatee.
Not pictured: Sub-zero weather.

Oh, wait.  That is pictured.  Notice the -17 degree bit toward the bottom. (That is about 20 degrees above the lowest temperature last week).
Not pictured: Kids who had two snow days and three (ten?) late-starts in two weeks of school.
Also not pictured: One frazzled mama.

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