Feb 17, 2014

Kate was here.

Kate is a little spitfire.  She does anything and everything she wants to do, particularly if it is naughty or behind Mom's back. The reality is that I don't follow her around every minute of her life, so there is much mischief to be had.  Her very favorite thing is to dump a container--laundry basket, toy bin, doll clothes box, etc--and use it as a climbing mechanism.  She also loves shelves and drawer pulls because they make good ladders.  

So here are some of the places Kate has been recently.  I keep taking pictures of her antics as evidence to be used against her in a court of law.  Or in her wedding video.  Or when she just doesn't believe she did all the crazy things she did.

Monkey Girl in the fridge.

This was under the bathroom rug.

Kate's room after she "took a nap."

A two-second job.

If Kate is missing, I check the van first.

A dumped-out drawer, just because she was mad.
Yanking it out broke the track.

"Hmmm....What's for lunch today?"

"Sleeping" in my bed at 1:00 a.m.

Making and eating her own "bekis" (cereal).
Heaven forbid that anyone else pour the cereal or the milk.

Kate does hold still sometimes.  My friend once said that one of her (now grown) kids had two speeds: "fast" or "asleep." Ditto for Kate!

Sleeping in the car isn't nearly as cute as sleeping on my chest.  She crawled into my lap as I was playing the piano yesterday and just fell asleep.

I held her a long time, all gooey inside from her cuddles and sleep-sighs, and then tiptoed to her bedroom and put her in bed as gently as I could--at 5:30 p.m.  After all, I have learned to never wake a sleeping spitfire.

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