Feb 9, 2014

Tyler is Ten

Tyler turns ten on Thursday.  With a birthday that falls right before Valentine's Day and a long weekend, we decided to celebrate early with a "late night," which ran from 6:30-9:00 p.m. last Friday.  Garry and Zach weren't home (game night and basketball practice), so I hosted the party myself, but I survived.  Haha.  The boys played some party games, ate lots of junk, and watched "Despicable Me: 2" before heading home.  It was a good time.

This was perhaps the most entertaining activity of the night, which was unplanned but hilarious.

A few minute-to-win-it games were also fun.  Tyler is quite talented at moving Oreo cookies from his forehead to his mouth.  He did four or five during the ten minutes the boys played the game.

After the games, the boys turned to cake and ice cream and presents.Tyler baked and decorated his own cake.  He said, "If I'm turning double digits I ought to be able to make cake, don't you think?"  This is a boy who loves the kitchen.

The boys were very enthusiastic in their rendition of the birthday song.

To complete the evening, the boys watched a movie.  As it turned out, Tyler was the only one who hadn't seen it, but his friends were good sports.

We started the movie late, so some of the moms showed up before it was finished.  We sat in the living room and chatted for half an hour (since I now have enough seating in that room!).  That was my favorite part of the night.

Happy birthday, Tyler!  We're glad you were properly celebrated.
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