Feb 22, 2014

22 photos on the 22nd

I'm long on pictures and short on words, and as such I present: 22 photos on February 22nd.

Our Valentine's Day Feast.

Pretty in pink before a preschool party.

"You make my heart glow" Valentines.

Zach asleep on the couch (inaugurating the sleepy teen years?).

Lexi asleep on the floor during dinner (renewing the sleepy preschooler years?).

Gavin and Lexi asleep in their "nest" on my bedroom floor during Tyler's birthday party.

Kate asleep in the van (I hid in there with her for awhile).

I have a love/hate relationship with TV.  This is the "love" part.

I took this picture for our new time capsule. Let us remember the anomaly of Zach's clean bedroom.

Grocery receipt.  Gavin guessed our bill would be $108.07.

Laundry mishap.  Waa.

Zach's Court of Honor bling: Second Class and First Class ranks; Fingerprinting and Citizenship in the Community merit badges.

Ugliest double pie crust ever.  Haha.

I was part of a digital use study last fall and now the researchers are talking about me in webinars, apparently because I blog when I'm emotional.  Ha.

I'm selling a jacket. Ten bucks.  Anyone?

Ice cream with Valentine's Day gift cards. #dessertonmark

A blizzard-ish night when I took an hour-long walk outside (crazy? yes).

Beauty Salon by Gavin and Lexi.

1996 Mesa High yearbook snapshot.  Memories!

Last Friday's view from the treadmill.

Apparently my get-ready-in-20-minutes routine doesn't include enough foot lotion.

The end.
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