Feb 13, 2014

Ten years of Tyler

Our second baby is 10!  I have been thinking fondly of the day Tyler was quick and quiet was his entry into the world at exactly 1:00 p.m. in Hillsboro, Oregon.  I remember it was rainy on that Friday morning.  I remember how much time we got to spend with him, just Garry and I, before the hustle and bustle of nurses monitoring both of us.  I remember how hyper Zach was when he came to visit for the first time, and how precious it was to see Zach and Tyler together for the first time.  Ahhhh...memories.

In the name of nostalgia, here is a chronology of Tyler on his birthday.

2004: The original birthday.

 2005: Age 1
(he would not look at the camera that day)

2006: Age 2

2007: Age 3

2008: Age 4

2009: Age 5

2010: Age 6

2011: Age 7

2012: Age 8

2013: Age 9

2014: Age 10

Today, we celebrated Tyler early in the morning with gifts (the grandparents really spoiled him) and pancakes (his favorite).  This evening, we will eat his favorite meal (we call it chicken ring) and, as requested, a mixed berry pie.  He looks forward to celebrating his "birth minute" in Mr. Boerman's class this afternoon.  I hope it's a spectacular school day for him.  It should be fun; the kids don't have school tomorrow so all of their Valentine's Day parties are today.

Tyler continues to love art class, as well as being one of the anchors on the school news crew.  He really enjoys school and is very responsible with his homework.  He loves to read, and is the most prolific reader in the house.  He is kind and sensitive and needs lost of hugs and verbal praise.  We love our Tyler!

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