Nov 29, 2013

Ah, Thanksgiving

It's just us this year: seven little people celebrating Thanksgiving in a cozy house in Colorado Springs.  We have had such a nice, quiet day.  My Thanksgiving goals: stay in my sweats all day, eat lots of pie, and catch up on my blog. Check, check, check!

This morning Garry and Zach went to our ward's Turkey Bowl, an annual flag football game.  Zach earned the MVP award for his "gorilla glue" hands that caught every pass. Garry was glad that Zach was his first draft pick.  They had tons of fun.

Yesterday I made homemade stuffing and crescent rolls from tried-and-true family recipes.  I also tried new recipes for pie crust, sour cream lemon pie, and banana cream pie.  They were all fantastic!  Today we cooked a turkey breast in our long-neglected rotisserie grill. Garry's marinade and butter rub made it the most finger-lickin-good turkey I've ever had. Garry's mashed potatoes and gravy did not disappoint either. I brought out a fancy tablecloth (Lexi: "What's that thing on the table?") and our crystal goblets for the feast.

Before we ate, I wanted to take a family picture.  We couldn't find charged batteries for our camera with a timer, so we opted for a cell phone shot of just the kids.  I made the mistake of asking Lexi to un-tuck her shirt from her clashing skirt.  She burst into tears.  Dinner was getting cold, so this is our family portrait for the day.  Excellent!

As we ate, we discussed our blessings, especially those we take for granted.  Thanksgiving will close with the Ravens vs. Steelers football game on TV and some family together time. Being together is pretty high on my gratitude list.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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