Nov 15, 2013

Just add it to her resume

Kate and I have reached a compromise on nap time.  She doesn't always sleep, but she will play in her room for at least an hour.  It's great.  Sometimes, though, she trashes her room, and on Tuesday she was apparently locked in her room with a Sharpie.  Not sure how that happened...or how I'm going to clean it up.

Oh brother! So much for Mom's great compromise.  The good news is that as I tucked her in for nap time the next day, Kate said to me, "I won't color on walls ever again. Just paper. Just paper."  and then she slept for two hours.  I guess we can be friends again.

Post edit: Today Kate squirted lotion in a 20-foot strip across the basement carpet.  When I was done scooping it up with a spoon, there was about a cup of lotion in my bowl.  ARGH!

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